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Mortgage Underwriting Support Services

Mortgage Underwriting Support Services is said to the last step of the process of the mortgage, as this move helps in determining the mortgage loan applicant’s payment capability and credit worthiness. Usually, the financial firms hire underwriters to perform this significant step in the mortgage. For quickening up the pace of this process, financial companies and banks have begun to utilize automated software products to reject or approve a loan application by several predetermined factors. The underwriter must fill up the details about the applicant, such as credit score, income, etc. for analyzing the loan applicant’s repayment capacity accurately.

Even though automated processes can help the companies cut down their processing time and follow some stringent measures, it doesn’t assure complete transparency while reviewing the loan applicant’s eligibility. Several fraudulent applications get through such automated process, which makes it less efficient.

So, it is advisable to let a professional company tackle all the mortgage underwriting requirements, as it not only raises its accuracy but also helps in improving the pace of the process and lowers the overhead costs. We have served many clients of varied sizes and have catered to their needs of mortgage loans to support hassle free mortgage operations. We specialize in faster loan processing and loan disbursement through our accurate assessments about the loan pricing analysis and loan applications.

We Provide the Following Outsource Mortgage Underwriting Support Services

We offer an array of Outsource Mortgage Underwriting Support Services, such as:

Loan Application Review

To review a loan application, it is imperative to meet specific conditions before proceeding to give the final approval. We make sure that all such requirements, such as submission of essential documents, credit scores, purchase agreements, statements of income and other supporting documents are valid or not.

Underwriting Automated Software & Systems

We are experts in using several automated underwriting software and systems. Such automated tools are a must have the option for most of the present lending firms. We inform our clients whether a loan is accepted or rejected by checking the mortgage loan applications with automation software and systems. We also identify those areas that require special attention and verify the data thoroughly to avoid any misinterpretations.

Reviewing Fraud

Sometimes, actual applications might also get rejected owing to, incorrect information or when the applicant omits an accurate data. Our team of mortgage experts utilizes advanced fraud review methods for checking the fraudulent aspects in the applications for a loan. We analyze the applications to check the conflicts in the addresses, mismatch of AVS comps with the property, huge withdrawals or deposits, lot of cash transactions in various bank accounts and other false details.

Title Monitoring

Our experts make proper checks to monitor the title of the collateral property to make sure that is free and clear of all legal claims and lawsuits.

Quality Control Appraisal

We ensure that the appraisal of the property for a mortgage is accurate by working with the underwriter and assess the collateral documents that are offered along with the application for a loan.


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