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ePub Conversion Services

ePub or electronic publication is an internationally accepted format of e-book file. As the numbers of e-book readers continue to grow every day, it has become a necessity for the publishers to turn to eBook publishing, this in-turn calls for the help of ePub conversion services. The professionals working at ePub conversion services are experts in CSS and coding and have years of experience in ePub conversion. Whether it is a book to ePub conversion or PDFs to ePub conversion or any other format to ePub, they can do it with ease.

Services Offered by Us

ePub conversion services – Through the ePub conversion services, we perform error free conversions from HTML, PDF, Mobi, etc. to ePub, thus enabling theauthors and publishers to reach maximum online readers.

Kindle iPhone/iPad conversion services – With this service, we help client’s to convert their hard copy formats to formats that are compatible with computers, Kindle, smartphones, etc. We help you to reach iPhone/iPad users by converting your PDF, Quark formats to ePub.

EBook creations – The eBook conversion services can help libraries, authors, publishers, and others to upgrade their books into e-books.

Types of Input Formats That are Accepted
  • MS Word
  • Page Maker Image
  • Manuscript
  • Scanned Copies
  • Hard Copies / Printed Copies
  • InDesign
  • PDF, Quark, Text, and Others
Advantages of ePub Conversion

ePub compatibility with almost all the hardware and software reading devices makes it possible for the publishers and authors to promote their books, gazines and other publications to worldwide customers.

It saves money for publishers and readers

The publishers can sell their ePub books to a variety of clients through different networks

With ePub books, you can get a clear display of the pages no matter whether you are using a smartphone or tablet to read

The Conversion Procedure

The client uploads files to be converted on our ePub conversion service website (via secured FTP connection) or send the file directly via encrypted e-mail

Once the files are received, our experts would send the cost estimate and turnaround time to the client

We then discuss and determine as to which format is best suited according to the customer’s requirements

The completed error-free filesare then uploaded on the website or sent to the client via e-mail Some companies would send you a sample of the completed e-pub to know whether you wish to make any alteration

Benefits of Outsourcing ePub Conversion Us

Our trained professionals have years of experience and expertise in converting files of any format to ePub format

Withthe help of advanced technology, modern conversion tools, and highly skilled professionals, we deliver accurate and excellent quality e-pub books

Entrusting the task of converting your files to ePub with our conversion services saves you time and pain of formatting tables, graphs, pictures, etc.

You can avail our services 24/7 at affordable prices.

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