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Outsource Medical Billing Services

For medical care suppliers that provide critical care solutions, improving the medical billing procedure is a primary area to concentrate for regular, long-term functions. From improving the complicated collection process to conquering continual decreases in payments and satisfying the regulatory requirements, there are a variety of tasks that represent the medical care payments procedure and lead to the successful close of an income creation pattern. With our Outsource Medical Billing Services, we help your health care company to speed up the pace of revenue generation, decrease operational expenses and increase the performance delivered.

End-to-End Medical Billing and Collection Freelancing Services

Eligibility Verification/Pre-Insurance Verification:

Before the persons visit the organization, we execute pre-insurance confirmation to check qualifications regarding the insurance policy. We check if the individual has any need for any pre-authorization or recommendation. We also ensure whether any co-payment has to be gathered or not. We always test that if the person has met the deductible, the amount of co-insurance the person shares and whether the person’s insurance policy covers the support sought from the organization. This step is important because many insurance coverage suppliers do not provide retro-authorization.

Medical Coding:

We access the super bills and specific personal details from the physician’s office through a secure network. The medical care information is verified, and their approval is conveyed to the client. The medical care information is then sent to the medical care programming department to allocate CPT and ICD codes. The written information is subjected to proof-reading and cross-checked by the medical care programming manager.

Charge Entry:

Charge Entry is a sensitive process in medical billing. With the help of our experts, charges are calculated for every medical procedure and carefully documented. Our team creates and assigns an individual account for every new patient who comes for the first time. Before transferring the statements, the information is audited by the Quality Assurance (QA) group to make sure a ‘clean claim’ is presented.

Payment Posting:

When we receive examined EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) towards the payment of a claim, our team of medical billing experts posts these payments in the medical billing system of the client’s to reconcile the claim. A thing about this task, we also initiate the procedures for declined statements, in situations when actual declare is far below the expected one. The posted ERAs are stored securely in the billing system for future reference.

Accounts Receivable Follow-Up / Insurance Follow-Up:

Once the statements are sent to the payer for handling, our professional medical care payments BPO monitoring group resolutely chases all overdue insurance policy statements that have surpassed the 30 times bucket to lessen the a / r (AR) periods of the declare. Sometimes, the statements are under compensated by the plan payer, and in this situation, we make sure that the under compensated statements are prepared and paid correctly. The declined statements become a huge hit by our AR group.

Patient Follow-Up/Patient Statements:

We follow-up with patients for any awaiting stability, after the declaration prepared from the person’s statement, is produced and registered as per the company need. Follow-up is done through telephone calls. If no response is received from the person, we move those levels out to selections, generate a study for it and deliver it to our client’s for further action.


Our reporting package contains per month customized reviews, such as insurance policy aging reviews and Key Performance Signs (KPI) analysis, offering an in depth picture of your practice’s financial wellness insurance the length of your declare transaction pattern.

Why Choose Us

We are a professional organization of certified Outsource Medical Billing and Collection Services. We provide end-to-end medical care payments BPO solutions and act as an arbitrator between insurance policy suppliers and medical centers or medical care providers. Healthcare organizations are faced with the possibility of losing a bulk of money every year due to underpricing, non-reimbursed statements and missed expenses. When you delegate medical care payments solutions to us, we provide production of the finest top quality and precision and eliminate the incident of these losses.


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