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Mortgage Pre-Processing Support Services

When an agreement is reached for a mortgage business between the clients and our team, the first step we undertake is pre-processing. We are acutely aware that this move is a necessary foundation for any mortgage. Our team specializes in offering top notch Outsource Mortgage Pre-Processing Support Services to verify and review all the documents related to the mortgage, such as appraisal orders, CAIVRS authorization, and in Rate Lock, etc. to make sure it fulfills all the legal requirements. The submitted documents are scrutinized for its comprehensiveness and request for other records are also made for proceeding further.

Our teams of mortgage processing department take care of all the Mortgage Pre-processing Support Services essential for home mortgages. We also work with the brokers and lenders at this stage related to the mortgage process for helping our clients and aid them with all essential steps quickly.

Reviewing 1003 Mortgage Application Form

The lenders utilize the 1003 form for recording all the relevant financial data of the applicants who are applying for the mortgage. Our Mortgage Pre-processing Support team would review the application form for the mortgage to make sure that the application is filled up with all essential details, such as date, signature, initials, job history, occupancy history and borrower names for processing it quickly.

Rate Lock Help

Our expert team is capable of handling the processes involved in securing the present interest rate for each applicant during a particular time. Our processes of home loan also include the process of complete rate lock for every case of the mortgage.

Initial Document Checking

Our team of mortgage specialists makes sure that all essential documents like Pay Stubs, W2s, etc. are checked to ensure that the application for the mortgage has all details to process further.

Authorizing CAIVRS

Our team helps our clients to screen and shortlist the borrowers by verifying their history to know if they have any default payments to make.

MERS Check

Our team of mortgage specialists performs the check at the website of MERS to identify the existing loans if any of the borrowers. We then update the application with the data obtained and send it across for beginning the next process.

Request IRS Transcription

Our experts also place the request for the Transcript of tax Returns of IRS by submitting the filled up 4506T form.

Ordering Appraisals

Placing orders for appraisals are the part of the Mortgage Pre-Processing Support Services that we offer. We contact the authorized appraisers through emails that are sent with the details of the properties and reference about loan applications. We also make sure that the payment receipt is verified to derive the amount of appraisal fee before we place the evaluation order.

Become our partner today and let us help you by offering mortgage pre-processing support services to experience timely assistance for processing the loans. Contact us today to avail our extensive range of mortgage support services to stay assured of expert guidance at your disposal.


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