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Mortgage Post-Closing Support Services

Lenders experience a lot of challenges when trying to adapt to the changes in the marketplace in the regulatory credit environment. The challenges can be anything ranging from fulfilling stringent requirements, figuring out constant compliance updates and borrower qualification checks. We offer straight forward review and very accurate audit support services that help in streamlining the whole process related to mortgage post-closing support services for the lenders across the globe. We offer reliable checks and timely reporting make sure that the operational costs are lowered significantly while outsourcing us all kinds of back office requirements. We own a professional team of mortgage underwriter and auditors who will handle the loan application documents before sending it to their service providers and assure quick delivery on time.

Our Range of Outsource Mortgage Post-Closing Support Services

Our audit and review support services are designed to help our clients handle their business needs very efficiently, without having any concerns about the operational costs to hire new staff for this purpose. As soon as the documents are checked, and signature is placed, we hold stringent audits as well as reviews to assure better compliance. We offer the following Outsource Mortgage Post-Closing Support Services.

Loan Package Assembly

Our team of mortgage specialists is capable of assembling the complete loan package through the compilation of all essential documents as soon as a loan closure takes place successfully. We compile several documents like addendums, riders and trust deeds, notes and GUDS1 with signature. Our experts review the post closing loan packages by contacting the brokers and title companies to close loans and save our client’s time.

Mortgage Loan/ Data Integrity Audit

We perform the crucial step of the mortgage post closing process, which is mortgage loan audit or data integrity audit to tackle any deficiencies in the loan. This move involves various processes like considering the red flags, if any, through the underwriter and during verification of owner occupancy.

MERS/ Mortgage Electronic Registration System

Our experts perform loan registration that can be approved using MERS or Mortgage Electronic Registration System. We can also register MERS like MERS I Registration, MOM or Original Mortgage and Non MOM loans to help our clients avail fraud detection services and loan tracking services at best rates.

Quality Control Audit

Our high-end processes and auditing systems can deliver top notch support for auditing the mortgage quality. Our Outsource Mortgage Post-Closing Support Services include QC plan preparation, fraud investigation, post-closing, reject/cancel, pre-funding, servicing, compliance, etc.

Insurance, Tax and Reserve Audits

When we provide auditing process assistance, our experts will review tax, reverse and insurance needs after the closure of the mortgage loan. We also review the policy documents, tax papers, and insurance policies to identify the errors and other discrepancies which might remain hidden.

Our domain experience of 18 years in the mortgage post-closing support area makes us the best choice in the market for dealing with all types of mortgage businesses.


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