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Outsource Medical Coding Services

Medical coding of high accuracy is essential for creating clear cut records about patient care, regulate payments to the physicians, maintain streamlined medical billing process and find out the health care areas which need focus. For improving the instances of stringent compliance and self-pay, the risk factors connected with medical coding. So, the health care providers must choose to outsource medical coding services for garnering better returns and for business activities that are sustainable.

When you want us to outsource medical coding services, we will offer you the best quality and accurate results. We are experienced, dedicated and the right kind of resources for delivering very affordable medical coding processes which adhere to perfect practices and are within the coding standards that are recognized. We assure you medical coding outsourcing output deliverables of top quality for all kinds of business.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services


We specialize in providing medical coding services as a whole or as a portion of our client caseload, coding compliance reviews, backlog coding and medical coding for a short time


Our experts ensure that the patient charts are accessed using FTP or File Transfer Protocol or VPN or Virtual Private Network for ensuring that the data never goes out of our system. We work with our clients after entering into an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement before taking up the medical coding projects that assure the patient data is protected.


We fully understand that offering medical coding services of high accuracy, which indicates that it is free from errors and discrepancies, as it can cause delays in payment and will have a harmful effect on the management of the revenue cycle. We have experienced medical coders who can cater to different medical coding needs.

We have a quality assurance team which assures delivery of excellent output to insurance providers or business to make sure that it adheres to international standards.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in offering comprehensive and fully outsourced medical coding services. With our top notch medical coding services, we help our clients cope with the demands of medical coding, promotes the management of cash flow for outpatient and inpatient health providers. We offer coding services in a timely fashion. Our team of expert coders who have the skills, expertise, and knowledge of handling all kinds of coding needs very efficiently and swiftly. We are highly versed with the changing regulations in the industry and can adapt it to our work to assure accurate results.

Our Speciality

We offer medical coding services for varied specialties, such as gynecology, cardiology, general surgery, neurology, pathology, radiology, oncology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, internal medicine and so on. We offer a broad range of medical coding services, such as PPO or Preferred Provider Organizations, Medicare, indemnity insurers, Medicaid, blue products, compensation of workers, managed care, etc.

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