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Outsource Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription services involves the process of converting audio files by medical professionals like doctors etc. into text documents to be printed or to be saved in a computer. With Outsource Medical Transcription Services, we offer transcription services to hospitals, clinics, independent medical practitioners, etc. It is essential for the healthcare industry to outsource their medical transcription needs to the medical transcription services so that the physicians and other health professionals can give more concentration towards patient care. Their services extend to almost all the areas of healthcare like pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, physiotherapy, odontology, obstetrics/gynecology, occupational/speech therapy and much more.

Medical Transcription Process We Follow

  • The client uploads the medical audio file to the service website via secure FTP or email the file to the transcriptionists
  • Our customer account managers retrieve the audio file and assign it to the transcriptionist specialized in that particular area of healthcare.
  • The medical transcriptionist transcribes the file and passes it to the proofreading team.
  • The proofread files are then subjected to quality check and sent back to the client account manager.
  • The manager reviews the completed transcript and sends it to the customer.

Significance of Medical Transcription

For the physicians – doctors need to keep a record of their patients’ health history, type of medications the patient is on, the medical – surgical procedures they had undergone, about how they are improving that they can lay out a better treatment plan for their patients. Due to the long list of victims to be consulted and lack of time, the doctors cannot sit and document the details manually. Dictating information about the patients then and there into a voice recorder and sending it to transcription services can save their time.

For the nurses – The nurses and other paramedical staffs can use the transcribed record to refer whether a patient is allergic to any drugs, whether a particular medicine is contraindicated for the patient’s condition, if there are any warning signs that they should watch out, etc.

For the patients – A patient may consult more than one doctor to get treated for his/her ailments. The transcribed medical record provides the new doctor all the information he/she needs to consider before treating the patient.

For legal purposes – Medical records are necessary to prove whether a physician, nurse or supporting staffs are innocent or guilty in case of any legal issues.

These Outsource medical transcription services are also used by the medical coding and medical billing professionals for insurance related purposes or to help the physician to get paid for his services

Benefits of Outsourcing to Medical Transcription Services to Us

  • Medical transcriptions are done by qualified medical professionals like nurses, retired doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, etc. hence you can get transcripts that are accurate.
  • Since the transcripts passes between multiple teams for quality check, you can get transcripts that are of superior quality
  • You can get your transcripts delivered within 24 hours. Large files may take longer turnaround time.
  • Their health care processes are HIPAA compliant.


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