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Outsource Data Processing Services

A backlog of random data that you have in your organization can slowly affect the functioning of your business. You wouldn’t even realize it unless it’s too late, and everything starts to distort your decisions. In the data driven world that we live today, outsource data processing services is a must to bring accurate information systems to your organization. With our data management professionals, who don’t compromise on quality, we work with a myriad of input formats that include, printed material, photo scans, Excel office, or MS office. Furthermore, our professionals use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) for speed, and efficiency.

Industries That Benefit From Data Processing

Every industry suffers from piles of unmanageable data that keeps on growing by every passing minute. Nevertheless, data management needs differ from industry to industry, and our company provides outsource data processing services that fit each industry’s needs. Some of the industries that our company support are listed below.

E-commerce – Product data updating, and image processing services

Hospitality – Passenger feedback, along with reservation data aggregation, and more

Automotive – Maintain proper inventory records.

Engineering – Indexing City or state plan records

Healthcare – Maintaining hospital records, and patient information

Banking and Financial – Invoice, and financial instruments processing

Advertising and Marketing – Manage archived consumer data, and build structured databases.

Insurance – Claims documentation, and do verification, and validation.

Our Data Processing Services Includes

Forms Processing Services
Order Processing Services
Image Processing Services
Survey Processing Services
Data Cleansing Services
Data Mining
Data Deduplication
Market Research Forms Processing
Mailing List Compilation Services
Database Creation Services
Data Abstraction Services
Transaction Processing Services
Student Loan Processing Services
Tagging and Annotation Services

How We Perform Data Processing

Our process workflow designed to suit our client’s needs, and give them the full benefits of data processing. The structured data processing cycle at our company is an integration of individual processes. However, on request, these are provided as a standalone too.

Our panel of data managers are flexible with any of the following activities in data processing

Outsource Data Processing ServicesDate Entry / Scanning

Initially perform data entry either through typing, or by scanning hard copies OCR, and ICR technologies. After which the data is organized and indexed for easy storage, and access.

Outsource Data Processing ServicesData Editing, and Cleaning

Edit, and sort data by removing unnecessary data to ensure accuracy. Further data processing is carried out for meaningful interpretation of the data.

Outsource Data Processing Services Data Aggregation and Summarization

Gathers data from different sources, cleans and expresses them in brief for comprehensive analysis.

Outsource Data Processing Services Data Validation

Carryout quality checks on pre-designed metrics to ensure data reliability and remove any forms of misinterpretations across the data subsets.

Outsource Data Processing Services Data Tabulation and Presentation

Organize and present data in a tabular form for better understanding.

Outsource Data Processing Services Data Analysis and Interpretation

The data is put together, with the goal of understanding, and discovering information. And also suggest conclusions for the better decision-making process.

The data processing cycle aims at helping our clients meet their objectives. Alongside, data extraction, and data warehousing services that we provide enhances the quality of available data.

Why Choose Us for Your Data Processing Requirements

  • High-Cost Savings - Our experienced panel of data processing professionals, provide you with efficient and accurate data processing services at affordable price.
  • Technology Integration - We utilize industry best technologies to process your data. We digitalize data in a myriad of formats that includes HTML, XHTML, SGML, PDF, Palmdoc etc.
  • Operational Redundancies - Our multiple delivery centers established all over the globe, enable us to handle large volumes of data, and also to do the backup in calamitous events.
  • Quality Process That Meet ISO 9001 Requirements - Quality checks are performed on projects to ensure that it meets all the guidelines of Service Level Agreement (SAL). Thus we ensure 98% accuracy levels.
  • Legally Tenable Confidentiality - We practice rigorous security measures to protect our client’s data. Our FTP protocol that is in sync with industrial standards ensures speed and safe transfer of information.


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